Travel to Dubai: fantastic!

Travel to Dubai was fantastic. I had the chance to meet with all the team at SL2 Capital which are about 20 people. Dubai is all about luxury, and hospitality. I had a room at the SL2 villa which is huge and walk away to some great restaurants. I would use Careem which is the Emirates version of Grab to take a taxi in the morning and same to go back in the night. I would also buy food and be delivered at the office.

The SL2 Villa. That’s a huge 10 rooms ville with everything, great kitchen, Playstation etc…

About food it is an incredible place, grills are my favorite and I was lucky to have this restaurant, close from the villa, which became my cantina.

About the work, I have met Ifty, finally. He is a great person with a strong personality, crazy busy, always at the phone or in a meeting. He is someone who want to help others to succeed! I have been fortunate to contact him last December, that was a defining moment for the project. We had a lot of very interesting conversations about the future!

Ifty who saved the project after the Polkastarter Fiasco! My hero! And an incredibly busy man!

We are in the crypto environment and I can feel like when I started doing video games in the 80’s or when I was doing Internet in the 2000’s. There is something new and exciting happening here. You can feel it online, but when you really meet the people, you can feel this fresh vibe, the excitement to be participating to innovation.

If the crypto is leaded by people like Babar, Ifty and Hatu, nothing will stop it. These people are here to build something solid and for the long term.

Babar is the CEO of Polinate and will handle the task of launching the NFT and also supervise the marketing.

Babar, CEO of, knows perfectly how to bring these NFTs to market, he is such a great help for the project!

And finally I met Hatu, the co-founder of Daomaker! Such a smart guy. He designed completely a Defi economy based on my Whitepaper but a lot more complex and adapted to what the investors are looking for. This is also a great help for the project, I could not design something that complex, and you can feel the huge experience in launching projects.

I was thinking that he would be a very serious guy. But actually he is very cool and fun, very accessible, and that’s what I love about Crypto, you meet people with a lot of power and a lot of money, but they are not snob like in the institutional finance. That’s one of the reason I think that the crypto businesses will grow and revolutionize the finance completely.

Otherwise, Dubai is an amazing place, with a lot of things to see, lot of tourists and a very high standard of living. I let you see some pictures that I have taken when I was there. It was a wonderful stay, meeting all these great people, Anoop, Jawad, Rachel, Anuma etc…all these people will help Metaisland to a great extend!

I really think that we have a killer team right now!

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