This is the end

Almost no post since the clash with Polkastarter mid December 2021.

December has been a nightmare. The Christmas season without money is not enjoyable. Nothing is moving from the investors side, rich people are with their family and there is no time for taking important decisions.

Iftikhar Qasim (aka Ifti) is supporting me, giving me positive updates, but nothing get signed. It is taking a lot more time than I had expected… I have no money apart from $500 monthly from an underground business, but it is not enough.

My girlfriend is no more my girlfriend, she is living in a very poor place far away from my condo. Living with a grandma and her dogs.

As for me I am still trying to program the game but I am mostly sleeping with the phone hoping that someone will finally sign something and send me some money.

Here is my place of work, where I developed the first demo of the game. I took my computer from France. 35 sqm view on a building in construction, far from the beautiful W.O.K island!

This new year was my worse to date, alone, watching the firework with no money in the pocket.

December and January, my meals are $1 cheap Thai meals or even pasta with oil. Sometime Mama dried food to help changing the monotony.

Ifty is now talking about DAOMaker, I will have a meeting with Hatu the co-founder, hopefully that will be better than the meeting with Doublepeak and Mapleblock which were friendly, be lead to nowhere.

I am cautious since Polkastarter, being co-incubated by another launchpad has a biter taste.

I talk with NEO who are following me from October 2021 patiently. Audrey told me that she can raise 2.1 millions. Maybe I should go with them alone. Someone gonna have to pay these bills! Or I am going to end up begging on the beach with the homeless?

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