SL2 (Ifty) to the rescue and a new website!

Remember, I discussed with NEO and we agreed that after Chinese new year, we will sign together and the game would be developed on NEO only…

Then Chinese new year came and nothing new happened.

I had warned Ifty that end of February, I was running out of money.

Soon February 2022, and everything seems to indicate that I will just move with NEO so that I can stay in Thailand and pay my rent.

Then the news came. The website was close to be finished!

And the logo too! So I called NEO who were waiting, since October 2021, that we should wait a bit more.

Honestly, I was not expecting something that good. I really like the logo and the look of the website.

The website designed by Plan9

But the problem with money was staggering. I had this ball in my lungs that was the pressure of waiting for so long, my nerves were at the breaking point.

I had this conversation with David Atkinson, the co-founder of Holochain and SL2 as well, and I told him how dire my situation was.

That was 28th January 2022.

One hour after, I received a large amount of money from SL2, Ifty contacted me and told me “give me your USDT address”.

I could not believe it. In my whole life, I never had the trust of anyone about money. From Ubisoft to Jean Martial Lefranc at Cryo, money has always been a problem, never been enough, people not trustful even Polkastarter were worried that I would run away with the money and hide in Thailand.

Today, I was speechless

Now that I have enough money to pay my team, I can also relax a bit finally!

One year ago I took the decision to go to Thailand to do this project. I went with 3000 Eur in cash and $8000 USDT… It was like jumping from a plane without a parachute and hoping to grab something on my way down. After about 8 months working my ass off on that project I avoided crashing at full speed today. The feeling of relief is incredible!

This also clarified everything business wise, I will go with SL2+Daomaker in co-incubation and I informed NEO about the good news. NEO has always been supportive of the idea to be launched by professionals who have the experience to to put a product to market! With SL2 and Daomaker, I cannot be in better hands for doing it!

I have a website, a new name for the game, and partners who are trusting me!

It sounds that the worse part is behind me and that things are finally going to move for Metaisland! Retrospectively, it took about 1 month to lose this pressure on my chest, like if my body could not believe it happened!

Next I will go to Dubai to meet these people for real! I can’t wait!

A rare photo of Iftikhar Qasim, CEO of SL2 Capital who truly made everything possible.

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