Welcome to the W.O.K roadmap.

This page will track the progress of the project in a very simple and efficient way. I will maintain this roadmap and keep it updated.

Every month I will release a demo of the application. Here is a short list of what is coming next.

About roadmap:

March 2021: Basic Island with landscape and one building. One character locomotion. Weather + Day/night cycle.
April 2021: + Vegetation, foliage, trees,  multiple camera and multiple location. Optimization of the foliage.
May 2021: + Tech Ville buildings + roads.
September 2021: + Mining but without a wallet at the mining facility.
October 2021: Seeking investors and raising money.
February 2022: Raised money, completed seed round and VC round.
March 2022: rebranding from WOK to Metaisland, trademark deposit, new website.
June 2022: NFT 2d and 3d sales on Binance, Kucoin, and
September 2022: SHO at Daomaker, raising 4 Millions USD
more to come…

2017-2018: the projet started with Unity 3d Engine.

But Unity did an update that basically destroyed most of the work done. They didn’t cared about compatibility and most of my work was lost.

100% Complete (success)

Milestone 01: Creation of the NFT.

  • creation of the PFP NFT series Military
  • creation of the PFP NFT series Redcard
  • creation of the PFP NFT series Aquamen
  • creation of the PFP NFT series Tribes
  • creation of the PFP NFT series Punks
  • creation of the PFP NFT series WOLF Wood
  • creation of the PFP NFT series Builders
  • creation of the PFP NFT series Daemons
  • creation of the PFP NFT series WOLF Iron.
  • creation of the 3d NFT (retargeting and rendering)
80% Complete

Milestone 02: Construction of the static environment.

  • creation of the land of the island.
  • creation of the ocean, the lake and the rivers and all that is water-based.
  • creation of trees, foliage, debris, rocks.
  • creation of Slum Ville (free buildings)
  • creation of the music stage
  • creation of Laew River Ville (part on the seaside beach in bamboo huts)
  • creation of Tech Ville city (technological buildings)
  • creation of the mining facility, the surgery room, the profile room, the town administrative center, the factory (industrial part that manufactures energy and materials)
  • creation of shops (bars, disco, agogo bars, shopping, slot games etc …).
  • creation of Cyber City is next to and is part of Slum Ville.
  • creation of the Redcard building
  • creation of the Aquamen building
  • creation of the Tribes village
  • creation of the Tesla fighting area
  • creation of the boxing area
  • creation of the football area
  • creation of the Temple
  • creation of the Caves
  • creation of the underwater world
  • creation of the Military buildings
  • creation of the full moon party stage/music
  • creation of the music studio in Tech city
  • creation of the Ruins
80% Complete

Milestone 03: Selection and animation of NPC characters (non player characters) and others.
Inclusion of Metahumans technology, optimization, feasibility.
creation of basic male and female mannequins, and their customizations
– creation of the natives, male, female and children. They clean, and make the island work and set the mood. They are human in appearance but are in fact androids.
creation of basic characters: bar owners, girls, tramps, android sciences (in hospitals and technological-style factories) etc …
– creation of adventure characters, and artifacts won in the adventure.
creation of external monsters.

5% Complete

Milestone 04: Animation, dialogues and other features

  • animation of all the characters.
  • creation of interactions between characters and the game’s AI, pre-program movements of NPCs, pseudo-random balanced sentences.
  • minimap system
  • binocular system
  • night vision system
  • swimming
  • punching and close combat
  • creation of noise and ambient sounds in each of the cities and in nature.
  • creation of the GUI of the basic shopping and inventory system.
  • Menus options and launcher.
  • creation of the inventory system and management of items.
  • creation of the terminals and web interface
  • ambiance sound Fx Environment.
  • ambiance sound Fx Buildings. ambiance sound Fx User Interface.
20% Complete

Milestone 05: Networking and finance
Creation of the WOK-OK portal
– Saving / loading of characters, statuses, events on the remote server.
– Currency management, transaction security.
– Mining and staking.
– Management of purchases and sales of objects, possessions etc …
– Calculation of the pyramid of ranks, calculation of social credit, tips (we can give a tip to a player or an NPC)
– Sending private messages.
– Facebook-style notification display.
– Creation of main objects (teleporter, cars, scooters, etc …)
– Creation of NPC businesses
– Creation of businesses for players.
Management nodes scan NFT on VSC and ETH blockchain, purchase sale, conversion, transfer to a wallet address.
Conversion from one currency to another.
– Wallet approvals and creation.

5% Complete

Milestone 06: Creation of events
– Creation of the training area.
Creation of the Wild Zone portal.
– Creation of fights in the wild zone.
Electricity management.
– Management of external attacks.
– Navigation from one event to another through the 2D interface of the event log.
– Creation of exceptional moderation capacities.

10% Complete

Milestone 07: Communication
– Written chat.
– Sound chat.

0% Complete