Project W.O.K and Polkastarter

I have reached Polkastarter, because my finances are not allowing me to continue this development without any support or investors.

I got the first meeting with Jao Leite, Adrian and Demian the 16th October 2021. Things did pretty well and we continued their due process with another meeting the 17th October with Miguel who is I think one of the founders of Polkastarter.

They are interested in incubating the project, that means not only launching it through their launchpad, but also provide the necessary help to create the website, the pitch deck, and raise the money to put the project to the market.

That is a huge step forward for WOK, and having the support of such a big company in the crypto space is a game changer for me.

WOK would be the second incubation by Polkastarter after Wonder Hero which was a huge success when they launched it.

They also talk about doing Polkastarter Gaming Studio and they would like me to be involved.

All of these news are so exciting!!!

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