Daomaker & depression

The meeting with Hatu (Hassan Sheikh) did well (I think). He is smart and we spent more than one hour instead of the regular 30min call, which is a good sign. He asked a lot of very tricky questions, going deeper than anyone else about the token economy and the social networking system. His reflections were “interesting, or “that’s original”.

He reminds me Pascal de France, my friend who took his life before reaching his 30’s. He was the grand son of Henri de France, the creator of the SECAM technology.

About Pascal de France: all the television and related products using the SECAM technologies were born because of his grand father, he met all the important people in the 19’s century, from Kennedy to Gorbatchev, and his family got royalties on every product sold using the pattent! Pascal was the smartest man I knew, and he was my best friend. We were at the phone or together every day. He was a very well educated person, talking in a sophisticated way, thinking and having great ideas. We collaborated in 2 of my games doing the real time music tracker into them in pure assembly language. His moto was “spirit over matter”. But behind the little guy in his perfect 3 pieces costume, was a very sensitive person. His mother did not do a good job at loving him, she/he was a transgender thinking that she was from another planet, and that didn’t helped in building him confidence. When his grand mother past away he took the responsibility of his family’s fortune. He isolated himself in a castle in the suburb of Paris and we stop seeing each other because of the distance. The Dotcom crash apparently affected him, and he took his own life. I think about him regularly, and when I talk with Hatu, I had the feeling that I was talking with Pascal… Later on, Laurent Cluzel who also knew Pascal told me that Hatu was remembering him of Pascal as well.

I still miss Pascal today, he was such a brillant person, and the memories of the birthdays, playing piano on his Steinway and of course the hours spent working on assembly crazy technologies are sticking into my brain. Him taking a full sized 5 meter high Christmas tree through a window, using a tractor to drag it inside his castle, or him crying because a girl he liked rejected him. Of course the memories of his weird mother (I created a song named Nadrys about this character, you can find it at Bandcamp!) and the amazing grand mother who was paying the beggar downstair her appartement so much that he was dressed like a Wall Street trader!

Back to Daomaker, Hatu is a someone knowing very well the business. Now the problem is that he wants to change the name from WOK to Metaisland!

This got me crazy because if you write metaisland in google, you get all these small projects who are polluting the search and I don’t know how we are going to rank higher than them!

I am in contact with Plan9, a company whose are working with Daomaker and who are doing the new website and branding.

At least something is moving!

I try to be funny while I am spending my time waiting a call from Ifty…I cannot work, the stress is too intense. My brain is not working.

My financial situation in reality is critical, I have spent most of my crypto, and now, if I do not get money by the end of February, I will have to move back to France. Which is a total failure of my project.

I explained my problem to NEO and we agreed that after Chinese new year, if nothing moves on the side of SL2 and Daomaker, I will just sign with NEO and get their money. I am struggling since October 2021 and the wait is unbearable.

I can sign with them and have money immediately. This Schizophrenic situation is making me insane!

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