Clash with Polkastarter

Today is a pretty bad day. It is the end of the relation with Polkastarter.

What did happened exactly?

Here is the suite of events that leaded to the clash.

I have met Polkastarter the 16th October 2021, and until the 15th December 2021, I have seen Polkastarter launching 19 projects. However, their incubation was in my opinion kinda lame to be honest. They provided me one guy, Omar with whom I had 2 meetings, but so far, no website, no pitch deck came out of the Polkastarter’s incubation.

I have met Morning star, Kingsway, and AR21 and apparently they say that they raised 4.1 Millions USD.

In reality, my situation is pretty bad financially, I have been waiting 2 months without money, and I have told them my dire situation, but no help came from them. Eating pasta with oil while dealing millions through Telegram is making me crazy. I would rather have 1000 USD to help than talking about things that are not helping me in any way.

Out of desperation, I have checked Nitro League, an excellent project with great visuals, a good website and which did a great success at Polkastarter launchpad, and saw that it was incubated by SL2.

I contacted SL2 though their website, sending a regular email, asking for help so that I could ‘get out of the closet’ where I have been waiting for 2 months.

Iftikhar Qasim (aka Ifty) the CEO of SL2 contacted me quickly and once he understood the situation, he proposed to help by co-incubating with Polkastarter. After a phone call with Daniel Stockhaus the co-founder and CEO of Polkastarter, came the bad news: Daniel decided unliterally to dump the project WOK. I waited 2 months to have my project moving forward, and it took him 30min to decide to dump me.

While he expressed in a very diplomatic way, the result it really bad for my project. Not only they had made me wait 2 months for nothing, this it is just 2 months lost completely, but they dropped me like an old sock to the trash. I end up still having no money, but worse being in debt of 25k USD to Skyvision Partner that they introduced me, and they never paid this bill!

The situation never been so bad, I had lost 4,1 Million $ of funding and I was left alone with SL2 that I have met only 2 days ago.

I talk to Ifty and said “my project is doomed, if you drop me I will understand!”.

Ifty answered in his typical style “no way bro, we will make it, no worries”.

I hope that he is right.

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