Welcome to the next-gen #GameFi project.

W.O.K. is a 8km2 procedural island with hundred thousands trees, rocks, people and places to visit empowered by crypto-currencies to simulate a real economy. It is a virtual world, massively multiplayer, where you can meet others, drink beer, smoke pot, and do many funny things that are not possible in your every daytime. It is a social networking platform like no other.

It is also a game where you need to manage your ressources, do quests, and fight enemies in the wild zone or in the undergrounds. Your characteristics and abilities are evolving with practice and experience like in  Dungeon & Dragon and the Chaosium ability system.

Wok is also an adventure. Where is this island? Why all the people have lost their history? Who is Wolf? Who are these creatures outside? If you liked the Lost Series, you will feel in a similar mysterious tropical place! There are many characters to discover and lot of stories about the Island of WOK.

A real economy.

In WOK, you can earn currencies and make real money. Of course you need to spend money too, but the best players can use a gateway to the outside of the game, to convert their coins into real crypto-currencies and though a local exchange into their local fiat currency. Yes really good player can make a living of playing at WOK!

Characters Abilities.

With WOK, special abilities, funder status and other goodies are NFT and can be purchased on the NFT marketplaces, then sold to other people through these marketplaces. These are unique items with high value. The NFT have taken the world by surprise and it is now a hugely popular way to empower games with assets that are valuable and can be traded outside in the NFT marketplace. Players in WOK will be able to redeem their NFT and use them inside the game, showing their power to the world!

A true new spiritual experience.

WOk is going beyond just being a cool fighting game with quests, dialogs and a crypto economy… WOK is also visually and sonically a totally new experience. Some place are just to be seen and feel. With the help of great artists, designers and musicians, the WOK island has a lot of secrets, that only the curious and receptive soul will gather.